About Me

Welcome to the About me page where I try my best to explain everything that I do in life, because there is a lot to keep track of.
I was born in Bangladesh, moved to The Netherlands as a baby and lived a while in Portugal. My life is a rollercoaster of events where I went from being the best performing student to the least motivated from them all, back to being the most motivated of them all.
During my career I put up a lot of experience at all the places I have worked or followed an internship. This ended up sparking my interests in multiple fields of studies ranging between science, business and management.
I love gaming which became a big part of my life. I love to travel and one of my goals is to visit every major country at least once in my life. I have been watching Anime for the majority of my life. I love trying out different foods from different cultures. Click through the following sections based on what you are interested in!

My Life

Born in Bangladesh
Raised in The Netherlands
Found in Portugal
Read everything about my life!


Here is an overview of my career
The courses I completed
The Internships I followed
The Companies I have worked for.


My hobbies are
Gaming, Travelling
Anime and Food