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Gamer & Content Creator in Public
Project Leader by Profession
Web Developer by Passion
Punmaster (HAH!) for Fun

Take a look around my website as I take you on a journey through the life of PentaKing ^^

About me

My name is Nakib. I was born in Bangladesh, raised in The Netherlands and found myself in Portugal. Get to learn more about my life and all my experiences by
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Since 2015 I have been working on projects online such as Mapskins, Oberon Kingdom, Skin Empire and more. Get to learn more about my projects by
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In January of 2022 I started my own Web Hosting & Development Company known as Penta Kingdom. Get to learn more about my company by
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Gamer & Content Creator

In 2001 when I turned 6 Years old, my parents bought me a Playstation (1). Ever since then my most favorite activity was playing video games. Fast forward to 2013, I started playing Video Games on PC and came across League of Legends which completely changed my life. I started becoming a more passionate gamer and picked up an interest in creating gaming content such as Custom Skins and YouTube Videos. In 2020 during the Pandemic I picked up Streaming on Twitch and managing various streamers on the platform.

Currently I am an active gamer & content creator. Join my Discord Server to play games together and to keep track of all my content!


I graduated from high school in 2012 and finished university in 2019 in Electrical Engineering. Over the years I have had multiple part-time jobs such as delivering papers, supermarket, McDonald’s and sorting post. In 2019 I moved to Portugal where I worked as a AI Developer for 1 Year. In 2020 I moved back to The Netherlands and have been working at the International Mail Unit since.

Web Developer

Ever since I got introduced to HTML in 2010, I have been completely fascinated with websites. When I joined mapskins in 2015, we were using a WordPress. As an admin I learned so much about using the platform that later on I decided to use this for all my websites. By the time we reached 2021, I was an owner of 5 different websites. Knowing how used I got to creating websites, but also having experience with Full-Stack Development, I decided start my own company in 2022 named Penta Kingdom where I work as a Web Developer. Check out my company by visiting the website!


Send me an E-Mail if you’d like at The easiest way to contact me is through social media.

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