I posted my first video on YouTube in 2009 when I made a funny video with family. I always loved the idea of making videos on YouTube because I really enjoyed watching channels such as Smosh and NigaHiga when I was a kid but I never really bothered because I told myself I would never get views. Later on I learned that views don’t really matter as long as the content is good and the views are just a way to display the quality of the content. I started off with posting League of Legends gameplay videos which later transitioned into creating custom skin spotlights. This led to reaching 1000 subscribers on YouTube and I realized that I really enjoyed making content.
Currently I have 3 personal YouTube channels which I work on.


This is my main YouTube channel where I upload Stream Highlights, Travel Adventures and Life Stories.

The Jungle King

I create Gameplay Highlights and Montages on this channel under the name of The Jungle King

Balor Skins

I create Skin Spotlights for League of Legends Custom Skins on this channel.

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