Throughout the Years I have met a bunch of talented people. Here is a list of my favorite people that you should definitely check out ^^


Sislex is a close friend I met through League of Legends Custom Skins. Her amazing skill in custom skin creation is pure art and leaves me with admiration for decades.


Duava is a friend I met while searching through some music on YouTube. I found It’s Your Choice and decided to follow him on social media. Few weeks later he showed up in Twitch Chat and joined discord and the rest is history. He has to be the most talented singer and song writer I have ever met and I Could Save You is my most favorite song of all time.


Amit is a friend I met through Gaming. She is always very naive and doesn’t realize most things untill after she hears or says it. She must be protected at all cost. In 2021 she wanted to give Streaming a try and I became her Twitch Manager.


Brooke is probably my most favorite streamer I came across on wandering around Twitch. Her streams are always very exciting to watch and her positivity will always brighten your day.