My Life

Who am I?

Hey there. If you’re on this page it probably means that you’re wondering who I am. I will try my best to explain who I am behind the scenes of being PentaKing, the gamer, content creator and web developer. It’s been a rollercoaster and I could write a whole book about it, but here are the key points in my life which shaped me into the person I am today. Here is the life of Nakib!


On the 6th of march in 1995, somewhere in Bangladesh a baby boy was born who on that day received too many different names, but would just be known as just Nakib on this day. That child is me. The first year I lived with my mom, sister, brother and grandma in Bangladesh. Because I was still a baby I don’t remember a single one of these days, because when I turned 1 year old I flew with my mom, sister and brother to The Netherlands to live like one big family together with my dad who had worked very hard till this point to make this happen. That’s why I have always considered myself to be born and raised in The Netherlands because I don’t remember a life before that. Not long after my little brother was born too.

For the majority of my childhood I remember having a very simple life with getting many rewards whenever I achieved something in school or at home. This would be as little as a treat all the way to a Playstation and a Gameboy. I feel like this was the beginning of the mentality I have in life where achievements equal rewards. Up until the final year of primary school I have always tried to reach these achievements in school and to be the best in class above everyone else because I knew that I would be rewarded greatly if I kept delivering. Aside from that I played a lot on the playground with kids in the neighbourhood. I was overweight as a kid so I ended up joining a soccer club and swimming 4 times a week to ecome more healthy.

When I turned 12 and finished my final exam in primary school, I got the highest grade from my class and I remember this being a very proud moment for me, but it didn’t feel like it was enough… It felt like I could have performed better than I did and this stuck with me for many years to come.

High School

After entering high school I felt like I entered a very anxious time in my life where I started thinking more about what people thought about me because my entire childhood I had been considered overweight by everyone. I made very little friends in the first 2 years of High School because I was very shy, but I was happy because I kept getting good grades in school and picked up my strong points for Mathemetics.

In the 3rd year after puberty hit and my voice became a bit louder, people started to hear me better and see me for the person I was. I made some good friends in this year and slowly I became less shy and more talkative with people and made some good friends who I enjoyed spending my time at high school with. By the time my final year of high school started I felt very comfortable in my skin because I had lost a lot of weight by then, had good friends I could spend the days with and was performing well in class. Even though I stopped trying to be the best in class, I still felt proud and good to be considered the best.

When the end results came in, I received an additional certificate which was handed out to the top 10% best performing students in The Netherlands. This felt like the highlight of my life at that point in my life and I remember my parents being the proudest I had ever seen them. Life seemed very bright because I just kept achieving more and more and kept getting rewarded more and more. I decided to follow a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering moving forward.


The first year of University was a really good experience for me. I made some good friends in classes, one of which I am still hanging out with very often to this day. The classes seemed very logical to me and it was easy to adapt to the new environment like it was a continuation of high school. I was one of the only two students in the first year who achieved the full 60 ECTS in class which was a pass for me to go on to the higher university. I got rewarded for everything in life where I kept trying to get more achievements because they always resulted in rewards, up untill this point. For the second year of University in 2013 I applied to the higher university which I had to pass 2 exames for with a score of 55% or higher. For physics I passed it with a score of 73%, but for mathematics I scored 53%, because I used a different formula than the one that was supposed to be used, even though the answer was the same with both methods. I tried to change their mind and I showed them and explained how I got to my answer and even though they agreed that it’s correct, they did not want to pass me because it was against the rules. So they decided that I was not allowed to go to the higher university.

The only was I could describe this feeling was that I was devastated with failing for the first time in my life. For the first time I experienced what it’s like to put so much time and effort and care into something for many years with the expectation to be rewarded, but it not paying off in the end. At this moment 2 things changed in me. The first was that I stopped believing in the system of University because it felt like all they cared about was points rather than the intellect of a student because I had all the means to be considered worthy of the higher university, but still being denied because of a 1 wrong formula used in a mathematics exam. The second was that I stopped trying to put time and effort into reaching achievements because I realized that it doesn’t always lead to rewards. This was the time in my life where I had a trauma I would call it and slowly I would spend more time into doing things that made me happy and less time into things that didn’t.

Eventually it took me 7 years to finish my Bachelor because for the majority of this time I was dealing with having a weak mind rather than not being smart enough to finish it in the original 4 years. I dealt with demotivation, loneliness, betrayals, weight gain and eventually depression between year 2 and 5 of university. I spent 12 hours a day playing videogames and working on online projects which gave me rewards for tiny achievements which meant a lot to me at that point in my life.

Halfway through year 6 I started to slowly regain some of my motivation to study because of a specific event. I can’t exactly say what that was but knowing how supportive my mom was during that time, something changed in me. For the first time since year 1 I felt like I wasn’t alone in this world. I appreciate my mom so much for that 1 day where she just held me close after I told her I failed my internship in university and didn’t say anything but just showed me that she is there regardless of what happens in my life. This was a turning point for all the negativity in my life and I decided to give life another chance after giving up on it pretty much entirely.


At the start of 2018 I decided to get my life together once again after having completely given up on it. I started applying to jobs, eat less, play less videogames and go to classes some more often. Eventually in March after I turned 23 I applied to a call center which I absolutely hated and quit on the first day. On the way home I randomly met a good friend and he told me to apply at a sorting center because it pays well and they are very nice. I had very traumatic experiences with bosses at previous jobs at the supermarket, mcdonalds and Internships, so it was important to me that I didn’t feel stress from my boss in any way.

On my first day at the job I started together with someone else who happened to be my neighbour who i never met before till that day. We instantly clicked and we started working together 6 days a week and driving to work and back home together every day. For the first time in 5 years the loneliness I was feeling along with the feeling like no one cared about my wellbeing disappeared with this friend of mine was there for me any moment things would get hard to handle because he knew that I was there for him as well. For the first time in my life I felt like I had a genuine best friend that I could hang out with and spend every day with without ever getting tired of eachother. This brought a light into my life which motivated me to work out, continue studying and try to go for achievements in my life again.

In year 7 of university I met very important people who shaped me into the person I became today and words can never explain how much I appreciate them for constantly giving me a purpose in life every single day. I came to a conclusion about what my purpose in life will be and I started working towards that goal.

In 2019 I finished my studies and moved to Portugal because that’s what my heart and mind was telling me to do. I started working for a company which gave me a lot of experience in the field that studied in and got to find myself and the person I am and the person I want to become when I get older. It was a hard reset button on my life which I desperately needed and for the first time in so many years I had a goal again. My goal was to become someone important in life that people will remember. To work hard every single day to create a world where people will get rewarded for the achievements in their life. This was my redemption.

Enter PentaKing

In 2020 the Corona Virus Pandemic started and we had to enter a lockdown worldwide for many months. I moved back from Portugal to The Netherlands and for a few months I started readjusting myself to home. I spent most of the days playing videogames again because that’s where I got to spend time with my friends due to the lockdown. This was the beginning of me entering the phase where I started going by the name of PentaKing again because for the past few years I had just been focussing on being just Nakib.

Being home so much I started seeing so much potential in the online market. I started spending more time into learning about business and the market and started investing into businesses and companies that I saw hold potential and this gave me very good returns. I started developing a passion for business during the lockdown but didn’t think much of it. I really enjoyed rewarding people for their achievements so because of that I started a project online known as Oberon Kingdom. Back then it was very different from what it is today. We had weekly podcasts, custom skins for League of Legends, tournaments and random articles. There was so much going on that nothing made sense. It was a project that worked well for a couple of months but then we got burned out because the project didn’t have any real goal other than rewarding people for their skill.

I rejoined the sorting center halfway through 2020 because I wanted to save up money again and be outside a bit more other than staying home all day playing videogames. Couple months after I rejoined I got offered a new contract which allowed me to work more consistently for a much higher salary which I signed. These were the best 2 years where I went to work, did what I do best and went home with a good pay. This placed me in a very financially stable position in life. However this did not give me the satisfaction that I wanted from life where I go to work, earn money and go home.

I wanted to do more and this is when I returned to Oberon Kingdom. However by this time I started getting a better concept of business and grew a passion for Web Development. Along with Oberon Kingdom I launched two new projects known as Skin Empire and Stream Terra in 2021. I got to work with many close friends on these projects and this was a great success. We started getting an audience, generating a revenue and I had a lot of fun. The potential I saw in a business in this field was immense.

I travelled a lot in 2021 and got a better picture about what I find important in life and what I do not. By the time 2022 started I decided to launch my own company known as Penta Kingdom. A website Hosting & Development company. For the entire year of 2022 I fully focussed on reaching out to companies and offer them my service and the success rate was much higher than I first anticipated and the potential I saw in this business payed off very heavily.

Aside from the business aspect, I started to do more things that I enjoyed in life such as Travelling to different countries, eat good food and enjoy a luxurious life of buying anything I would need at any time because for the first time in my life I was financially stable and independent since moving back from Portugal.

To be continued…

As of writing this page, 2023 just started and to give a small update. I started expanding my company towards steamers and content creators. I combined all my projects such as Oberon Kingdom and Skin Empire to Penta Kingdom to create a solid Business model which allows me to generate an income through Penta Kingdom while continuing to create projects that I am passionate about and be able to fund them infinitely through my company. My goal is to eventually grow into a franchise over the next 2 decades and this is the beginning of achieving this goal. And to lead a happy life ofcourse where I get to spend time travelling, eating good food and eventually buy a house and start a family!