My career isn’t as ordinary as I first wanted to be. With many events taking place in my life I ended up doing a lot more than I first anticipated which was high school, Bachelors, Masters going into a job. Here is my career!


In 2007 in finished primary school at the age of 12. I ended up getting the highest score of my class which was 545/550. I got enrolled for the same high school my brother and sister were going to.


In 2012 I finished high school in the field of science and technology. My scores on my certificate were high enough to be considered as one of the top 10% of the best students of The Netherlands in the year of 2012 which gave me a second certificate from an honors program. I enrolled myself for a BSc in Electrical Engineering.


I finished the first year of University with a perfect completion where I received the full 60 ECTS.


One of the internships I followed during University was for a marine company which was a major company. This experience made me want to work for a big company in the future.


In 2018 I built a robot during one of my internships. This was the most fun project I worked on during my university times because I got to work with AI for the first time which made me interested in the topic. This eventually lead to me being recruited by a company in Portugal who were interested in utilising my experience and skill in the field of AI Development.


In 2019 I finished my studies and moved to Portugal where I worked on the research and development of AI into a car the same way a Tesla car is functioning. This was a very valuable experience for me where I learned the most I ever did in my life about this field.


In 2020 I moved back to The Netherland and started working full-time at an export company which is the most comfortable place I have worked during my career because of the experience I have put up untill this moment which I can utilise within this company to it’s fullest extent.


I started a Masters study in this year on the field of Artificial Intelligence because it sparked my interest on what the future of technology would look like.


In 2022 I started my own Company where I work as a Front-End Web Developer which I named Penta Kingdom. This is my first company that I created after doing a self study on business and management. I also started creating new projects and starting partnerships to promote my company.


As of writing this page, 2023 just started. I got promoted at the export company where they offered me a lifetime contract which I signed at the end of 2022. Penta Kingdom got nominated as best newcomer of the year in the winter of 2022 after making a record amount of sales in the first year of launch. I am currently going through a career change where I am shifting from AI Developer to Full-Stack Developer which I want to eventually apply to the growth and expansion of my own company.